Building Trust and Legitimacy

I believe that respect, trust and legitimacy between law enforcement and citizens is born from a belief that law enforcement is acting in a fair and just procedural manner.

Community Engagement and Crime Reduction

My guiding philosophy highlights the importance of community policing for all stakeholders. It emphasizes work conducted by community residents to coproduce safety. 

Policy and Oversight

With rights comes responsibilities, and established policy must reflect community values. I will pay particular attention to those communities disproportionately affected by crime.


Candidate for Sheriff Robert Hawes

Robert Hawes and his family has lived in Clayton County for 24 years. He has experienced 25 years of success in fighting crime and adhering to accountability with integrity while demanding the same from his subordinates. Hawes’ extensive experience in law enforcement ranges from police officer to commander.  With over three thousand hours of job related training and varied other full performance assignments, Robert Hawes is a well rounded leader, equipped to enforce the law, maintain peace, and protect citizens.

  • United States ARMY VETERAN (Military Police)
  • ELITE MEMBER OF Atlanta Police Department’s REDDOG, K-9 and Clayton County Sheriff’s SWAT, Sniper, Fugitive and COBRA Commander


The Campaign 

Bridging the gap between law enforcement and Clayton County citizens is what I believe we must have in order for our community to thrive. Therefore, educating citizens on the nature of our work and building strong collaborative partnerships with stakeholders is an essential point of our campaign.


Educating citizens on the nature of the sheriff’s office mission along with collaboration is essential to safer communities. It’s simple, education empowers. When citizens are empowered, we all prosper.


Efficiency breeds accountability. Accountability breeds focus. With a laser-sharp focus on the primary mission of the CCSO, crime rates will decrease and our communities will be safer.


Empathy is a useful skill, particularly for law enforcement officials because it enables them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, but without necessarily engaging with their emotions.

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